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Syllouette’s mission is to bridge the gap between artists and fans by offering two distinct services: Lullaby and Open World Audio. Lullaby provides interactive courses themed around artists’ music or brands, creating personal fan experiences with both complimentary and premium content. Open World Audio, on the other hand, connects music with specific physical locations, creating immersive ‘PlayZones’ for fans. Together, these services aim to redefine the music experience, blending the physical and digital worlds and fostering a deeper artist-fan connection.

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Lullaby, developed by Syllouette, is an interactive course themed around an artist’s music or brand. It offers fans personal experiences through free and premium versions, the latter featuring exclusive artist content.


• Artist-Themed Interactive Content:

Syllouette collaborates with artists to create Lullabies, which are interactive courses themed around the artist’s music or brand, offering fans a deeply personal experience.

• Hosting and Distribution by Syllouette:

As the parent company, Syllouette manages the hosting and distribution of all Lullabies, ensuring smooth access for fans worldwide.

• Complimentary Lullabies:

Artists work with Syllouette to provide fans with free Lullabies, fostering a stronger connection through shared interactive experiences.

• Premium Lullabies:

Fans have the option to purchase premium Lullabies that offer unique perspectives and exclusive content from the artist.

• Monetization Strategy:

This model, implemented by Syllouette, boosts fan engagement and creates new revenue opportunities for artists through premium Lullaby fees.

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Open World Audio introduces an innovative way of experiencing music by connecting it to specific physical locations.


Here’s how it works:

1. Creation of PlayZones:

Artists connect their music to specific physical locations, creating immersive ‘PlayZones’.

2. Artist Control:

They select locations, times, and even specific weather conditions to best complement their tracks.

3. Fan Experience:

Fans visit these PlayZones, guided by the website, to experience music exactly as the artist intended.

4. Exclusive Content:

Artists can place physical QR codes at these locations for fans to scan and access special releases or messages.

5. Community Building:

This phase is focused on building a community around location-based music experiences.

By blending the physical and digital worlds, Open World Audio transforms every journey into a personalized musical adventure, redefining the music experience.